May 19, 2005

Week before Graduation

Well I have just posted a lot of photos of what we've been up to so scroll down to view them.

What I haven't taken photos of, is the disaster zone of our house. We're moving out on june 3rd, and so we're trying to do five boxes a day, so that we don't kill ourselves and can have a little fun over memorial day weekend. But the truth is, we arent so motivated, plus we have a million loose ends to tie up with the old house and new house before we go on our cross country trip.

So other than the beginning of the week, which was a little rocky due to some family stuff, we're doing pretty good and plugging away at our lists. This weekend should be a lot of fun. We are having a bonfire at our house on Friday night (so we are hoping the rain holds off). So far, we have the usual suspects coming as well as some neighbors, some friends of Mike's from Designing Matter (the course he student taught) , the Engineering school and GreenBlue (where he worked during much of Grad school).

on Saturday Mike wants to take some time to hang out with one another before the madness begins so we may just do a visit to the farmer's market or a nice hike on Saturday. on Saturday afternoon, we will be attending Matt Robbie's barbeque. On Sunday, its graduation day and so we are going to try to make it as fun as possible...we'll be zipping off on the Vespa to check Mike in and then meeting some friends for Mimosa's before the ceremony begins. The graduation exercises are basically ALL DAY LONG, so after all of that, we are fortunate enough to be hitting a good party with our good friend and neighbor (who lives across the street) Summer. We know it will be great because Summer is busy cookin up a storm. So that will be a fun way to end our day, with friends and good cheer. And it will probably be the last time we see everyone from the Planning program in one place.

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