Oct 31, 2005

Halloween is more fun in South Philly!

I can’t believe how many trick-or-treaters we had. I bought like 60 bucks worth of candy and I still ran out and had to turn the lights off at 6:50! There were lots of little kids and lots of really great homemade costumes. Bella who is 2 and lives a few doors down was a very cute little Elmo. There was also an incredible King Friday with an amazing costume that his mom made. My mom came over and we sat on the stoop and handed out candy. It was really fun. One thing I love is how diverse and into holidays this neighborhood is. I missed that in Charlottesville

Oct 24, 2005

Spooky South Philly

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The windows in our neighborhood have been filling up with scenes of spooky skeletons, flaming cauldrons and jack-o-lanterns, and I absolutely love how many of our neighbors have decorated their windows. Its really fun and on occasion I have heard the kids coming home from school, stopping at windows saying "Wow, look at that one!" and getting excited for trick or treating next week. It is good to live in a place where people get into the fun of the holidays. I know we are going to get a lot of trick or treaters this year, and I am so excited for it! I cant wait to see what people do to their windows for christmas!

It has been a somewhat expensive week here on South 13th Street. Last Monday we the chimney cleaned and lined. Then we replaced a sink and faucet set in the "hair salon bathroom" (which, I am pleased to report, no longer looks like a hair salon). Last Wednesday, our iron railing was hit by some kids wrestling out front, and it got bent enough that we had to remove it. Then this morning, I opened the door to find that my pretty, happy pots of mums had been adopted by someone else. They were obviously so appealing that someone else decided to decorate their home with them. Alas. I know I can afford to share the mums...but geez they looked so good on our steps! bummer!

On the food scene: Last week, we tried a neighborhood restaurant, Kristian's, on 11th street. It was a good (not great) meal and the atmosphere was "all frank sinatra, all the time". The company (some new friends) was terrific though. We're slowly getting around and slowly getting to be South Philly food experts but its taking us a while since we've got limited together-time with the DC/Philly commute. We're going to walk on the other side of South Philly, and hit the dive bar scene this week for a halloween party at the Dolphin Tavern on Thursday.

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Oct 2, 2005

The Pixies Show, in Charlottesville, Va. Our first time back in Charlottesville since we moved. It was so much fun! We got to visit with lots of friends and the show was great - we got to hang out at the new outdoor concert Pavillion on a gorgeous and crisp autumn evening. After the concert we went to get drinks and who should we find there but the Pixies, all drinking and hanging out at the tabel behind us. Mike could not stop staring. (To Mike, the Pixies rank only second to Pavement for his all-time-favorite band). Here's a photo of (left to right) Kirt, Karin, Mike, Millie Ann and Nicky, just after the show. Posted by Picasa