Nov 10, 2005

Watch the NBC National News on Friday!

Pending hurricane or some awful disaster happening to pre-empt it…My mom and some women from her study will be featured on the NBC Nightly News this Friday evening (6:30-7:00 p.m., National News).

Her study is about the challenges executive and professional women face when they leave they leave work or a career to “take a break” or to have children and then try to re-enter the workforce after some time has passed and how difficult it can be to explain the gap on their resume or convince employers to take a chance on someone who has been out of the workforce for so long. The study offers ways that women can proactively plan for those breaks and also outlines ways that companies and even business school programs can support women in planning for, taking and coming back from those breaks so that all of the wonderful woman talent is not lost!

This study really made me think about if how I could “step out” to have children and the need to proactively plan for it before I do it so that getting back to work (in some form or fashion or even in a new career) wasn’t as much of a challenge 2,5,10 years down the road. It also underscores the need to continuously keep up with business relationships and business events (and technology) when you step out so that you aren’t seen as hopelessly out of date later when you try to re-enter the working world….all things I never even thought about.

In case you want to know more, here are some articles about her study:


Obviously, I am so proud of her so I wanted to share the news. Hope you will watch and pass this study on to women who might be facing some questions about taking a hiatus or returning to work after a hiatus.