May 20, 2005

Cross Country Trip planning

Speaking of the cross country trip (weren't we?), its starting to take shape.

We have a few family and college reunion-type obligations the weekend of June 10th, but we plan to leave almost immediately after those, so I think we will be leaving Philadelphia on June 12th and driving through Ohio where hopefully we wills top and see some of my college friends (Ohio State) and their kids. From there we will propbably head straight to Minneapolis, MN for the Walt Mink rock show on June 17th at the Triple Rock Social Club. Luckily, we are on the guest list for this sold out show, and are looking forward to seeing our friend Chris Butler do his final taping for
Walt Mink the Movie ...which we are excited to see him complete. He and what he has done with this movie, is actually pretty inspiring all around when you think about it, and if you know him, you know how hard he is working on this.

After we leave Minneapolis we will be well on our way to taking "the Northern Route", so next we will probably hit Yellowstone and try to camp there for a few days. We'll take our time getting to Seattle, then we will drive down the coast stopping in Portland to see some folks, and then making our way down to the Bay Area where we hope to visit with lots of friends and family, and also attend the wedding of my cousin Scott McGrath and his awesome fiance, Lisa McDonnell.

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