May 24, 2005

The week after graduation

so we are packing and packing here at the house. Our plan is to move all of the stuff into our U-Haul truck on Thursday, June 2nd. We'll stay one last night in the house and then spend the morning cleaning and packing last minute things. We'll hit the highway after lunch and roll into Philadelphia Friday night. On Saturday the 4th, we will unpack the truck into our storage facility and then rest up.

We have lots planned fo rour first week in Philadelphia -- concerts, a Phillies game, lots of doctors appointmens, haircuts, conferences, dinners and the like. The following weekend we will attend a graduation party, wedding and reunion cocktail party all in one night (all on friday). Then we have several additional things scheduled for the rest of the weekend and then we "push off" on our trip on Monday morning. We can't wait to go!!!!!!

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