May 30, 2005

Moving stinks!!

So we are in the part of packing where we have lots of little things around and now we just have to deal with it. We have finished the dining room, my office, Mike’s office and almost the whole living room and dining room. The kitchen is about 80% there. The last things are the dishes, pots and pans and the stuff in the fridge which will all go out in the garbage on Friday morning. The final details of the house painting are done (note to self, finish painting in same week you start, so you dont have to do it a year later when you are moving ). The garage is 85% there. We identified everything to be tossed and kept and divided it all up. Large item pickup comes Friday and then the garage will be completed. The upstairs is the last big part left to be packed. I am finding it very hard to pack up my clothes since we still have a week here, and then I have to essentially pack two bags – one for Philadelphia (Wedding clothes, An outfit for Mike’s college reunion, etc…) and one for our trip. We're also nervous that the truck we rented may not be big enough...but we shall see.

So far, I have made three trips to Goodwill, and put a bunch of stuff on freecycle, which was snapped up. I also sold some furniture to a consignment shop here in town, and got rid of the washer dryer combo on freecycle too, which killed me to give away... but when they guy came to pick it up, I felt like I had just done a good thing. It is so interesting, the people that show up for freecycle things. This guy drive over from the mountains. His name was Beeny. He clearly didn’t have much, so I felt good giving it to someone who I knew was really going to appreciate it and use it.

The online garage sale idea went over well too. We made about $300…. So today I went and bought myself a new pair of sandals to reward myself for the sale profits. They are sort of like Teva’s, but with a toe strap. Chacos I think they are called. They are really comfortable. Although they were kind of expensive. But now my tevas are going in the trash. They are about 12 years old and I noticed after wearing them for 3 days, my feet were killing me. Mike will get a pair of sandals too, and then we will also buy a camp stove with the money we made.

We spent some time with our friends over the weekend and mostly we have just been trying to stay motivated (it is hard!) and to keep plugging away at this packing and purge-ing stuff. I can’t believe that this time next week, we will be done! I bought Mike tickets to the Phillies game on Monday afternoon so that we could just goof off a little bit and kind of get in “vacation mode”. I can't wait for the trip to start!!

okay off to dinner.

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