May 11, 2005

Inspection negotiations

So we received the inspection report and just talked to our realtor, Greg about it all. Seems that the biggest and most concerning issues are getting the chimney cleared out of debris, and getting a liner; which is estimated to cost about $2000.00! Yikes!!! The other thing we have to do is repair the circuit breaker box and wiring and then figure out where the tube and knob is connected, as well as repair some of the outlets. So now Greg is getting an electrician to go over there on Friday and give us an estimate on the electrical repairs, and then we will go back to the sellers to ask for some remediation.

There are some other things we’ll need to repair eventually -- coating the roof with some kind of aluminum oxide paint to help preserve the life of the roof and removing three asbestos pipe wrappers in the basement as well as repairing one of the radiators on the third floor, but we aren’t asking for remediation on those items. We’re most concerned about the air quality and safety issues and we’d rather put all of our attention into getting those items remediated immediately.

So, now, before we do anything else in the house, we will be having the chimney cleaned, the liner installed and the electrical work done. Hopefully we can schedule the work for the first week that we move in, and at the same time, we can work on ripping up the rugs and tearing down wallpaper, and then we’ll have the movers (mambo movers) come to deliver our furniture and boxes in the 2nd or 3rd week of August.

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