May 10, 2005

House Inspection Day

So the house inspection went pretty well. Mike loved the layout of the house and the flow and the high ceilings but he was floored by the amount of wallpaper. Its almost everywhere, especially in the master bedroom – its this very thick striped paper. He said “I don’t think I can sleep in there even one night, its so busy in there!”. There are some other funky kinds of things in the house besides the wallpaper – the bathrooms will need a little help to look their best and the third floor – well we aren’t going to do anything to it for a while, but it will need some major cosmetic work since its all paneling up there.

The only things that we found that are “of real note” are:
  • Some tube & knob wiring (third floor but rest of house appears to be newer wiring)
  • Some rearranging needs to be done to the circuit box
  • The chimney needs a liner, and needs to be cleared of debris
  • The basement stairs need some sure-ing up.
Now we talk to the realtor after we get the actual report and we’ll then negotiate those items. The tube and knob wiring and electrical stuff, we will ask for a credit towards changing it out, since it’s a “have to” item based on modern day needs (like computers) and since it’s a fire hazard. I have no idea how much it would cost if we had an electrician do it. And I’d like the liner and cleaning of fireplace done before we move in, but I would also be happy if they provided credit towards it and then we could do it after we’re in. The roof isn’t new – its about ten years old, so it may have to be maintained, but otherwise it looked okay. The second floor roof has a great view, and Mike was excited about the prospect of a roof deck. But I felt pretty good that there wasn’t much else. The inspector was very helpful and full of good information.

Here is a link to some photos that we took of the house!!

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