May 6, 2005

Little Maggie at 4 weeks

Mike's mom, Bernadette, decided to come for a visit to Virginia to see us and Bryan's family and their new baby. So after we got the house, Bernadette and I drove down together and then she stayed the night. The next day we went and had lunch with Meredith and Maggie in Richmond. She looks a bit nervous about having me hold her...geez, as if I was thinking about eating her for lunch or something!

We took Maggie on her first shopping trip. She hasnt changed all that much yet but she is still very very cute. She still has these very big hands, which makes me happy...I wont be the only big footed, big handed girl in the family anymore!!
Here is Maggie looking a bit weary with Bernadette after a long day of shopping. I think we wore her out (even though she slept almost the whole time).

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