Sep 6, 2006

Mike is back in Philly!!!

Mike is officially back in Philly!!! He started his new job with the EPA last Monday. So far, its great to have him home, and he's finding the short commute a much nicer experience!

Pregnancy update: We are at Week 17 (Entering Month 5).
My belly finally started growing a few weeks ago. Here you can see for yourself.
First photo shows Week 10; Second photo is Week 15

As we have begun to spread our news, we have learned of more babies to come around the same time...Mike's cousins Kevin and Denise, Our good friends Woody & Deb, Our neighbors (and new friends) Brian and Nina. All very exciting!

The other interesting thing that's happened now that the news is out, is that we are hearing some very personal and far-out questions...the award for strangest question of the month was from Mike's brother Bryan -- he asked if I minded if he rubbed my belly when it got bigger (Um, yes, I do mind, thank you. Would you like me to rub your belly?). Hey at least he asked. :)
I'll address the FAQ in another blog post.

Otherwise, all is good. I havent gained much weight, but that will surely begin in earnest very soon. I am sleeping better and feeling lots of flutters so it must not be long til the baby's kicking starts. I've gotten a few maternity essentials thanks to a fun shopping trip with my mom, and I am feeling really great. I am still Dragon Boating as much as I can, and finding that it is wonderful exercise!

Happy September!

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