Sep 17, 2006

Here is what the baby is up to:

What are we up to? Well, we are beginning to look into hiring a post-partum doula to help us out in the first few weeks after the birth when we plan to lay low and just bond as a family. We're thinking about what we will do to welcome the baby upon his/her arrival (a welcome baby party?), we're thinking about what we need to get before the baby comes, and also what projects we want to finish around the house before January. We're lining up our cloth diaper service and supplier information (you didnt honestly believe that people who are into Environmental Planning would be able to bring themselves to use ONLY plastic disposable diapers did you? We plan on doing our part to save 1 ton of waste from our landfills by not using dsiposable plastic diapers). Also, we signed up for a couples childbirth class at starts in late October 2006 and we're so excited for that. We're also thinking about names, but not committing to anything, and just thinking of ways to enjoy this moment in time, when we are still a couple, and not yet a threesome.