Sep 25, 2006

Halfway there

So, the bloom is off the rose and we are finally settling in to life where both of us lives here, all the time and we each make messes that bug the other. We're just starting to re-asses the division of labor and daily household (crappy) chores (Mike got out of this for a good year at least) -- so yes, the ugly reality has arrived but I wouldn't trade it for the world, its great to have Mike here and not traveling.

In other news, we are in week 20, which means, we are hitting the halfway mark with our pregnancy. Its strange to think that in only a few short months, we will have a mini of our own.
Yesterday we went to a potluck at our midwives home and met lots of other natural childbirth parents in the midwives' client community. Some were pregnant and many had babies and small kids. It was a nice event and a great way to connect with other urban couples who are having babies and planning natural childbirth. I also made a new four year old friend, named Nika. We played Mr. Potato Head together.

Nothing else to report.

Hey by the way -- for those of you who read this blog as a way of keeping track, in lieu of calling to ACTUALLY talk to us and ask us how we are, shame on you!
Give us a call. 215-551-0570. Seriously. We'd like to hear from you.