Sep 19, 2006

Appointments, Appointments

Prenatal appointment #3 went great.
  • Baby is growing at the right speed.
  • My Blood Pressure is 98/62 and my pulse is 72.
  • We heard the heartbeat - beating at about 160 BPM
  • Also heard the placenta through the fetoscope
  • Baby weighs about 1/2 pound
  • I have put on 5 pounds, which is exactly where I should be.
  • Blood tests all came out normal.
  • I found out that peanuts are okay to eat (Dad, I asked that one for you)
Over the next few weeks, I am to pay attention to my green-intake (meaning get more greens in my diet!) and try to get moer calories on my high energy (aka Dragon boating) days. Also may start an Iron supplement to help with lagging energy (I tend to have low iron anyway).
The book "Eating for Two" by Robin Lim was recommended as a great resource for nutrition during pregnancy, so I am goign to check it out!

The midwives are having a potluck for present and former clients this Sunday, so we are looking forward to meeting lots of other young families and natural childbirth advocates!!!

Next week, I have my first OB consultation with a doc who may also become our family practice physician.