Sep 18, 2006

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

So, today is my mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary.
Last night, we took them out to celebrate and got to check out the new restaurant at the Waterworks. It was fabulous. At dinner, they sort of did a review of their "marital highlights" good and bad, and, when asked if they could sum up the advice they would give for staying married 35 years, dad said:
  1. No matter what is happening around you or how annoyed you are, always try to remember the person who you fell in love with when you first met them.
  2. And, always say I love you before you go to bed

    Mom said:
  1. Keep your sense of compassion and sense of humor and have fun together
  2. intellectually challenge one another
To me, the story of their marriage is a good and realistic example -- it both inspires me and gives me courage -- Because of them, I realize the reality of marriage isn't always easy or Cinderella-like, but I also realize that it doesn't have to be awful, boring or stagnant either. They have taught me that a couple can choose to continue their growth and development throughout their lifetime, and if they do that, they can inspire one another while living a full and rich life with no regrets.

Congrats guys -- and here's to another 35 more!!!

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