Jul 17, 2005

Santa Cruz California is a cute place. Lots of little coastal towns, surfers, liberals. A lot like our old home of Charlottesville, Va but with a beach and more hippies.

Lots of McGrath family was gathered here in Santa Cruz for the weekend wedding of my cousins and so it has been quite an event leading up to the BIG DAY for the bride and groom. We shopped for drinks and beer, made place-cards, enjoyed the rehearsal dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola and really had a delightful time helping with the wedding preparations, and getting to visit with cousins we never get much time given all of their various jobs and cities. Saturday morning there was a McGrath family brunch and we celebrated my dad�s 60th birthday, which is this coming Tuesday, July 19, 2005. We also had a nice time at the wedding itself which was in the hills, in a county park and historic house. The day was sunny and warm, with clear blue skies. The bride and groom looked lovely, and it was a great event.

Today we are off to who-knows-where, all we know is that we are surely stopping for an In-N-Out Burger along the way (our favorite burger joint) and probably camping for a few nights this week as we slowly make our way from California to Denver, Colorado, in time for next weekend, to visit with our friends Bret and Sarah.

Here's a photo of Karin talking to our friend Jill Klinger. She is also the person who bought our house in Charlottesville, and funny enough was a good friend of the bride so here she is reporting on how she likes the house in Charlottesville. She likes it! We miss it! Posted by Picasa

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