Jul 12, 2005

California Update

We just spent a few great days in the Bay Area.
  • Saw our friends Scott and Christine's new apartment in the Marina District of San Francisco.
  • Craft time! We created the table namecards for the upcoming wedding in Santa Cruz.
  • Ate fish tacos with Brock and Diana in a group-home in Crockett - the last frontier in the San Fran area. Brock is considering running for mayor.
  • Brought out our grime covered beauty with facials in Walnut Creek.
  • Re-discovered the wonders of California Trader Joe's "two buck chuck". Red and White.
  • Scheduled an auto service appt. to investigate the mysterious Check Engine Light that recently has graced us with its presence.
We'll update with all the pictures when we get to Santa Cruz.

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