Jul 21, 2005

Grand Junction, Colorado

After our GRUELING and sweaty 6 mile round trip hike and swim at the waterfall in Utah, we found a delightful coffeshop called Kiva Koffehouse, along Byway 12. We stopped for some raspberry iced tea and a blackberry bucke dessert. It was a great break in a gorgous stone coffehouse built on the top and into the side of a mountain in the middle of a huge canyon. The man who built it designed it and built it himself and it was like a calm, southwestern oasis after the hike, and I didnt want to leave!! It was so civilized. So after that nice break, we changed out of sweaty clothing and continued on Scenic Byway 12, through Utah. Then we took 24 north til we hit interstate 70. It was the first big interstate we had seen since the beginning of July. Now we are headed East, officially.

We will go to Denver by way of Vail today and tomorrow we will have a visit with our good friends Bret and Sarah before we head to New Mexico. Some of you have called asking about forest fires. We haven't seen any, except one "prescribed burn" area yesterday in Utah. The heat is unbelievable though. Our car is faring well and we are feeling excited to be on the last leg, heading into the last full weekend of our journey. I can't believe it but it will have been 45 days on the road when all is said and done.

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