Jul 28, 2005

Kansas City, Mo

Bernadette Dunn trying out the Segway in Kansas City, Mo Posted by Picasa

Okay, yes we were singing "goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come..."

We arrived in KCMO Wednesday, earlier than planned on Wednesday so we headed to 18th & Brooklyn for some Barbeque at Arthur Bryant's. Those were some tasty ribs!!!! MMMM. The atmosphere reminded us of Tony Luke's in Philadelphia and the food was delicious. Next we headed over to the Plaza which is this amazing outdoor shopping mall and living space community that was built in the 1920s. The tile work on the buildings is amazing, and the weather was great but nicest of all was the company because that is where we met up with Mike's mom, Bernadette who was visiting with her friend Sue, who is a friend from when Mike's parents lived in Kansas City back in the 70's. Sue's daughter Amy, who is our age, and her sons Grant and Nick were also there - the kids were totally adorable and it was fun to watch Mike and Amy catch up. They hadn't seen eachother since a visit during their sophomore year of High School! Anyhow, after walking through the plaza for a while, Bernadette, Mike and I decided to test drive some Segways and I can now tell you from experience, that is a pretty cool toy. Too bad it is $4000 and we live on a street with brick sidewalks!

Later we had a cocktail at Skies, which is a rotating bar on top of the Hyatt hotel with a great view of the city, and then went for a terrific steak (kansas city strip of course) dinner with everyone - Mike's parents, Sue and her partner Bob, Amy and her husband Brian - and that is where really got a chance to visit. KCMO was a great, if brief stop. Perfect ending to a really neat trip full of visits with new and old friends. Photos are forthcoming (because we lost our darn camera cord)!

Today, we're off early and headed back to Philadelphia. Its an 18 hour drive to Philly and so we are probably going to go as far as we can and will plan to stop around 10pm tonight wherever we are and then carry on with the remainder of the drive tomorrow. As we are traveling today, our house settlement is taking place without us there (the miracle of modern technology and a great lawyer has made that possible) so all we will have to do when we get to Philadelphia is pick up our house keys and unload our car into our new home. We can hardly wait. It's been so much fun traveling, and we are sad to see this trip end, but we are also really ready to be home so that we can get moved in and get Mike ready for his new job at the EPA, which begins in mid-August. We're also really excited to see the rest of our clothes... We're kind of tired of wearing the same five outfits!


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bryan said...

Who would ever have thought that good'ole Bernie D would be zooming around on a Segway...cool, ma, cool.

I have loved your blog...I almost hate to see it end, but I can't wait for you to be home!!