Jul 8, 2005


Some “Bests” (We had a long car drive yesterday)

  1. Best Tent: The Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead-3
  2. Best Flavor of Ramen Noodles: Blue
  3. Best National Park reservation system: Badlands, SD
  4. Best national Park, Scenery: Glacier National Park, Montana
  5. Best Consistently clean bathrooms: Starbucks
  6. Best Gas Stations: BP
  7. Best State rest stops: Montana, by a long shot
  8. Best in-the-car snack: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, cheddar flavor
  9. Best in-the-car gadget: Karin’s I-pod Mini with short stories and NPR clips downloaded for easy listening
  10. Best thing to anticipate: The new Harry Potter book on tape will be available to listen to on our way home
  11. Best thing about the Northwest: The amazing amount of drive-thru espresso stands everywhere.



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