Jun 18, 2005

Our friend Chris Butler address the crowd at the first of the two sold out Walt Mink shows that he put together for his documentary. The band rocked, and the fans in Minneapolis ate it all up. The first show at 5:00 was all ages, but since the band has been defunct for 10 years...not too many people under 25. Even though I had never heard of the group until Chris, they had a rabid following here int he Twin Cities. Judging by the sweaty bouncing around, I think at least fifty guys have been waiting for this last Walt Mink show for about ten years.


Denise said...

Oh my gosh, I remember Chris Butler from the Canada trip I took with you guys a million years ago. He was the best story teller! What is he doing out west? I thought he few madly in love with a girl on the streets of NYC?
It looks like you are having a blast on your trip. Subura called and wants your photos for upcoming ads.
Have a great time.

Butler said...

Why was I not informed of the existence of this website? What is going on here? Where are you? xoxox