Jun 22, 2005

Blogging in Billings... Aren't we the cybergeeks!


Jen Richardson said...

Hi Karin & Mike,

This is my first time doing this so hopefully I get it right! It is so much fun watching your journey! I find myself wishing I was doing this too. But kind of hard with a 1-year old. Oh such is life! I will live vicariously through you for now. And maybe Tim and Olivia and I will venture west some day soon too. I'm thinking straight to wine country though.
It was so wonderful seeing you both and hope that you will have time to stop by Cow-town again on your way back. Talk to you soon! Love, Phil

James Dunn said...

Hi guys,

Your faithful readers are avid for more blogs about your trip. They are really interesting (and reassuring that all is well).

Hope you are still having fun and not geting too tired.


Dad and Mom