Jun 13, 2005

Fun Week in Philadelphia

Well in one week, we have been able to see so many people that we know in Philadelphia. Much of my family, most of Mike’s family and most of our friends from Villanova and from Mike’s high school and all kinds of other places. It was a good way to get our faces seen, and will hopefully give us some time and freedom when we come back to work on our house and settle ourselves in without having to juggle too many visits for a while.


Last Monday, we got to see the Phillies play in the new Citizen’s ballpark. Unfortunately they lost the game (they’ve won every game since) but we still had a great time and ran into an old friend of mine from the days when I worked in Ocean City, NJ.  The rest of the week was filled with work projects, and other commitments and much getting ourselves set up to be away for six weeks. Mike attended the Wharton Leadership Conference on Thursday which sounded like an interesting day, and we had dinner with the McGrath family at Lolita’s on 13th street, which is a BYOT (bring your own TEQUILA). It was a ton of fun and great food. Friday we attended my cousin’s graduation party and then the wedding of Amy Angelucci and Walter Mullen, which was at the horticultural Society – a gorgeous setting. Saturday was Mike’s 10 year Villanova college Reunion which was lots of fun, and Sunday was a brunch, a christening party for our niece Maggie, and a visit to see Molly and Rolando’s new home in New Brunswick, NJ.


Today, we are preparing and packing and we depart for Columbus Ohio first thing in the morning where it looks like we will be lucky enough to visit my friends Jen and Tim Richardson and their daughter Olivia. (Jen and I went to Ohio State together.)


Can’t wait to start our vacation!




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