Jun 27, 2005

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Okay -- We’re back online!!!

We just left the very remote environs of Glacier National Park in Montana yesterday -- which was an awesome place. What amazing scenery! I was afraid of Bear attacks (Everywhere there are “Beware of Grizzlies” and “mountain lions have been recently sighted here” signs) but thankfully, never encountered a bear or a Mountain lion despite all the warnings. The only downside to our National park visit is that Mike was really really sick with a bad cold. So for a whole day he slept in the new tent (yes we broke down and bought a new tent when we were in Missoula, Montana) and poor Mike was really pining for the comfort of our little house in Charlottesville and kept saying “I just want to go home”…but then of course realized that we don’t have a home right now...anyhow, a few rounds of NyQuil helped him get over it, and a hot shower and a bed last night seemed to lift his spirits immensely. He also finally shaved his beard off and I can tell he feels like a new man. In glacier, we did take some gorgeous hikes and even saw a rainbow.

Oh! And news! On our way to Glacier National Park, we got a phone call with some very great news that our dear friends Matt and Jen went off and got “hitched” in Boulder, Co on the Solstice. It sounded like an amazing day and we are so excited that they decided to get married -- in their own way, on their own terms in such a special way! Then we got a call from our friend and neighbor, Summer (who was in mike’s program) who told us she accepted a job as a planner for Montgomery County, PA. So she is moving to Philadelphia, which is also terrific news!

So back to the trip -- we left Glacier yesterday morning (Sunday) and drove to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is a really cute town. I mean really cute. Who would have thought it would be so cute in Idaho? Anyhow, when we arrived last evening (Sunday) they had the Ironman triathalon going on, so finding a motel room was kind of challenging, but the downtown was packed and the weather was gorgeous. It’s a small town like Charlottesville, only it is right on a huge awesome lake and its surrounded by mountains… and there just seems to be a really young population of mountain bikers, kayakers and sportspeople here. Its about 20 miles east of Spokane, Washington, and I would wager it is much nicer than Spokane. I wish we could stay longer to enjoy it, but its storming this morning and supposed to storm for a few days, so we are heading out and west to try and camp somewhere in Washington State tonight before going to the Vancouver area tomorrow.

So now we are both just really ready to get to the west coast…. Once we sort of confirmed our path and timeline for travel a few days ago, I contacted John Martin (my Aunt Shirley’s brother and someone we McGrath’s have come to know very well from Mexico holidays) to see if we could make a stop to visit he and his family in Seattle. John reported that his wife Robin was traveling and that he was going to be home solo that weekend and was kind enough to offer us a place to stay for the 4th of July weekend, along with the offer of a BBQ dinner (and that sounded great!!!) So now we are very excited to get there next weekend!. After Seattle, we will head South – camping and hugging the coast (driving Rt 101) and by July 8 or 9 we will be in San Francisco at Bill & Shirley’s home in Walnut Creek. On the 13th or 14th, we will head to Santa Cruz to see the rest of the family and to attend my cousin Scott’s wedding….so basically we will have a consistent place to stay (with shower) until the 16th or 17th and I will get lots of time to spend with my extended McGrath family which I am really looking forward to….especially looking forward to seeing Emma and Maya McCain.

So that’s the state of things here. We’re good, hanging in there enjoying some days and places more than others.


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