Oct 28, 2006

The pool ritual

So the trip is halfway over already and I am just beginning to feel normal finally.
The jet lag was a bitch to kick. Over the past few days we have taken it easy. Venturing to breakfast then to the gym or pool, then out for a while, then back for naps, then out again then to bed.

The pool is a funny thing. It’s the cleanest pool ever, probably because you go through the following procedure to get in it:
1) Change into swimsuit and come to pool in your robe (it is somewhat awkward to be roaming the hotel halls in a bathrobe and slippers, but whatever)
2) Check in at desk. Then you are escorted to elevator told what button to push (there is only one button on elevator, but still they tell you) Arrive upstairs and go through a series of glass sliding doors.
3) Check in at next desk. Greeted again and given a towel, then instructed to take of slippers and walk to drop off your robe in walled in pool area.
4) Take off your slippers, and step down into pool entry area where you wade your feet through a warm pool of foot cleaning water. You head to a chair to disrobe then are instructed to go back and shower at what looks like a decontamination chamber along the wall.
5) Showering ritual: There are 3 handheld showers in a row, followed by 3 face showers (I though they were water fountains, boy was I wrong), followed by 3 water fountains.
6) Then you must put on your cap and goggles
7) Congratulations you are ready to swim! Posted by Picasa