Oct 17, 2006

October update

On Columbus Day, our good friends Matt and Jen delivered a healthy, bouncing, baby boy named Jay. He is scrumptious. They are in love!

On October 13th, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. We went down to Washington, DC for the weekend (which is where we fell for one another) and spent a delightful weekend hanging out, walking around, and eating the most delicious food! If you ever the chance to try Asia Nora, its the most amazing dining experience.

Otherwise, life is good -- Mike's brother Bryan and his family are leaving the military and moving back to this area in November to start a new chapter of their lives.

I head to Tokyo early next week with my mom.

My prenatal appointments have been great -- the baby is healthy, growing and it should be a good time to take a trip! The belly is getting bigger.

Mike and I are planning to go away around Thanksgiving for a last hurrah parents-only vacation before the baby comes.

Not much to report.