Oct 23, 2006

Off to Tokyo

So I am off to Tokyo and was reminded today to blog while I am there, which I will try my best to do. I am staying at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo for most of the trip - which is the same hotel where they filmed the movie Lost in Translation. I am most excited for the fabulous pool they have, as I have not been swimming as much as I would like (downfall of this city -- no good indoor pools) and I look forward to some floating and swimming to get rid of the jet lag!

In other news...well the biggest news is that Mike's brother Bryan is leaving the army this week. Its amazing to think that this smart West Point grad is nervous about his future out of the Army, but I think he's maybe a bit nervous. We're so proud of him for making the very tough decision to leave and try something else, and we just know he is going to have a terrific new adventure in his family life and work.

Not much else to report. There seems to be a baby boom happening -- quite a few of the other childless couples we are close friends with have announced pregnancies (Woody& Deb, Christopher & Emily, a few select others who are not ready to be named) so its fun to think there will be so many "first kids" our kid's age....we didnt expect it, but its nice to think that some of our closest city friends are doing the same thing we are doing.

I went to a baby shower for my cousin-in-law Lisa McGrath on Sunday -- and it was a surprisingly easy way to quickly catch up with Lisa while she's visiting from California. I probably wont be seeing her or Scott or their new baby until 2007 sometime, and its amazing to think she will soon (December) be a mom. She looks great -- the yoga has obviously paid off!
But talking with her got me a little nervous...realizing that "holy crap we are going to need a few things ourselves" and "February is right around the corner" so I went home feeling kind of stressed about baby products. Then I was reminded that small infants really need only a few things -- clothes, blankets, diapers, breasts, and loving caring parents. All the other stuff is just icing. It made me feel better to think that way, especially since I am not into clutter. We've already gotten some great things secondhand, we've got a crib, and we've got a good list of "essentials" started, so I guess when I get back, we'll start prioritizing and acquiring the other stuff.

off to Tokyo!