Apr 17, 2005

Our latest scheme

Well, I sent my parents out in Philadelphia to take a look at some properties on Saturday just to get a feel for the real estate market in philadelphia.

Then we did quite an analysis of “the state of things” after hearing from them about the properties they saw. We ran the numbers and basically decided to store our stuff for the summer, take the trip across country trying to live very cheaply and then Mike will start his job in August. I will probably go with him for the first 6 months -- We are going to do his first 6 months in the job together in DC, and then we will both move to Philly in Jan/Feb and Mike will commute the four days a week for the rest of that year. That will give me an opportunity to work for PRD and whoever else as a consultant for six months or so while I am in DC and then possibly either cultivate a place for myself at PRD or find a job somewhere else for the 2006 year when I will be back in Philadelphia.

So given that, I would like to buy a home in Philadelphia soon so we are going to start looking in earnest.

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