Apr 13, 2005

The House is almost sold...and we have no idea what we are goign to do!

Mike is having a tough time sorting out his options right now. I don’t know what he is going to do. He has had several offers from the Department of Transportation and the EPA, and the NOAA. He is still waiting to hear from the SBA.
He is at school all day today which is good because having home while he is doing this is preventing me from getting anything done. He has been talking my ear off about these decisions, which I'm not used to at all, so Last night we took some big poster paper and put it on the wall and categorized some things:

  • Present vision of self,
  • Future vision of self,
  • values/needs for a workplace and
  • skills he hopes to acquire to get to the future vision.

I think it helped for him to see his brain dumped out and put on the wall and in some ways he was able to put it all on pause and get a good night's sleep because he didn’t have to try to remember all the difference factors and thoughts and concerns.

Okay I have to get off the computer and get some stuff done. The house is a mess and final walk through is on Friday morning. We sign the papers tomorrow afternoon. I cant believe the house wont be ours after Friday.

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