Apr 29, 2005

Househunting Days 2 and 3

That's Greg, my realtor. More househunting. We saw all kinds of crazy houses that day. This particular house was pretty much a wreck and was going to be rehabbed. But the price was 369,000.

After looking in Graduate Hospital, Art Museum, South Philly, Bella Vista and West philadelphia I started to narrow it down to the places I would feel most comfortable in the short term. I decided that I didnt want to be in another "gentrifying" neighborhood because I don't like the idea of being in a "have" and "have not" situation. Its too uncomfortable for me. So that pretty much knocked out Gray's Ferry area altogether as well as fishtown, which is frankly, too far and too racist for my taste.

Poor Mike - all this time he was at home, burning up the phone lines with me and doing research from afar. Every night I sent him photos and debriefed what I had seen. The hardest part was trying to explain what I had seen each night.

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