Feb 17, 2007

Charlotte's Birth Day

The Natural (unmedicated) home birth was an intense but amazing experience. I had Charlotte right in our bedroom and we really couldn't be happier that we did it at home - especially because I certainly would have been C-section bound if I had been at hospital...the way things unfolded would have been way too slow for the hospital staff but the midwives (all three of them) were super supportive and they really helped keep our spirits up. One of the midwives has been back each day to check on us and will be checking on us for the next six weeks. The first day was (expectably) a bit rough because of lack of energy, lack of sleep and all 3 of us adjusting and of course, lots of family visitors. But it was so nice to wake up here at home and to be able to stay out of the freezing weather...and so we're living in a bubble right now, enjoying a babymoon. I am not using the stairs for a week to promote faster healing so Charlotte and I have been hanging out in bed, Mike has been helping with everything he can, and my mom has really been helping out a ton with just kind of keeping things going (making and bringing me food, handling laundry, trash and kitchen duty,etc) and I think we're off to a great start.

More photos to come...