Feb 21, 2007

One Week Old!

Charlotte is a week old today and I cant believe how the time has flown. She has opened up and stretched out a lot in a week and she is pretty darn cute and soft.
We had lots of guests (family) in the first few days, but it became a little too exhausting to have people coming around while trying to learn baby's cues and get enough sleep, etc...so this week, we really aren't taking visitors at all so that we can really get the rest we need. A few close friends and our family members have been dropping off yummy foods and picking up groceries and that's been wonderfully helpful.
I am still lying-in with Charlotte, and will not be using the stairs (at the direction of my midwives) for yet another week. Its very hard for a type-a person like me to be confined to one floor (our house is three stories), but I know that its an investment in my body and health to remain upstairs as long as I can, and to properly heal after that pretty intense and traumatic birth. Plus, I know that once I venture downstairs, the babymoon is over and life begins again, and I am not quite ready for that anyhow. So, Charlotte, Mike and I are spending lots of time getting to know one another and we're all three developing a bit of a rhythm. Tomorrow Charlotte gets her newborn screenings done by the midwives, and we see the pediatrician next week.

The challenges:
Breastfeeding was off to a tough start, but it is going MUCH better since Peggy Stedman, a lactation consultant (and my Sister in law's mom) came by on Monday to give me pointers. In fact, last night I was even able to nurse her lying down which was good because I was feeling really spent and could barely sit up. Sleeping has been a challenge of course, but the most surprising thing for me has been how bad my body is feeling....still.
My jaw, pelvis, tailbone, butt, back, legs and feet are all aching like I was hit by a car. I am super sore and achy. In Labor, I pushed for a loooong time (reviewing he photos it appears I was in labor for 22 hours, but actively pushing for at least 4-5 hours), with very little energy (I threw up alot after contractions) and so I htink my bod is still in reaction to that event...Next week I hope to see the chiropractor, but for now, I have to live with it....So that's the biggest hurdle today...being tired is nothing compared to the body achiness. And then, today I think I may be developing an infection (mastitis) in my right breast, which tells me I have probably been doing too much, so I am trying to take it easy, keep nursing, and keep positive...and will it away. Oh, and the mothering hormones kicked in a few days ago and I find myself very weepy at night, especially when I am feeling sore and tired....so I sound like a mess, and it sounds like a lot of griping, but truthfully I am keeping it in perspective...I know that this too shall pass, and I love little Charlotte with all my heart and I wouldnt hesitate to go through it all again for her.

Mike has been wonderful throughout this --At the labor, he was so engaged and a wonderful coach. I was so impressed -- most men I know would never have handled that experience as well as Mike did. He didnt avid anything, and he was totally and 100% there for me. And all this week, he has been so thoughtful, so helpful and so sweet with Charlotte. He has to go back to work tomorrow and I am dreading it. We will miss him.

My mom has also been stellar -- She was an amazing help at the birth, and ever since, she's been showing up here each morning at 7 and bringing me breakfast, giving me time to take a shower and letting DH sleep in in the other room....and then she goes off to start her day. Its been wonderful and special for me and Charlotte to see her each morning...and that's something that no one except my mom could really do for me. I dont know what I would do without her. When I was feeling horrible and weepy and we needed a "traffic cop" the other day to answer the door, phone and tell cleaning lady what to do, she was here. She has been throwing our laundry in, emptying trash and just doing a million little things to help us out.

So that's the quick update. We're good!
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