Mar 10, 2005

Sold the house and Got the PMF!

We just found out tonight (After months of waiting) that Mike has been accepted as a Presidential Management Fellow. So now that he made the final cut, he has to go to a job fair and actually secure a position for the first 8 months – so the final process is not actually over until he has signed a contract with a government agency. Now he has to find someone willing to hire him. He is looking in both DC and Philadelphia. My only consolation with DC is that DC is way way closer than Charlottesville, and I know DC isn’t forever, that we would probably go back to Philly after the fellowship ended. I of course am hoping he gets something in Philly, because I would much rather be back in Philly. But if we go to DC, no big deal – 2 years goes fast.

And so then our friends Jill and Jeff called about three hours after we found out about the PMF selection and offered us a godo price for our house. They had been looking for months, and when we told them that we were selling, they took us seriously. There's another family interested, but I definitely would prefer Jill to be the buyer for so many reasons. The other family is coming on Saturday but Jill and Jeff are going to draw up a formal offer and bring it over. - then we’ll look it over and accept it (I hope) and then I Can put an end to the other people. Then we will start the whole inspection and contracting process. This is really good news, saves us a lot of time, money and hassle and we are thrilled with the price.

Guess its been a banner day!

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