Mar 22, 2005

So t it looks like Mike and I may be moving to DC in the next few months and staying for about two years we think…. We were thinking about either renting or buying, but once we started lookign at the market, we realized that there was no way that we could buy in DC. The rental market sucks too. We would definitely want to be in the city and not dependent on a car and I don’t mind “kind of sketchy” or up-and-coming neighborhoods, but I would like to stay away from “totally sketchy” – basically, I want to feel comfortable walking by myself at night if I had to.

We have to be out of the house on June 1st, so we either have to get an apartment in DC in the next two months, or do something else. We are thinking about just packing up our stuff, getting a storage until for June/ July and taking a cross-country trip. With rents in DC, we figure we will save $4000-5000 doing that, which leaves plenty of $$ for traveling.

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