Jan 8, 2007

Some pregnancy favorites

Freshbaby is a great resource that supports healthy eating habits for kids. They even have a new podcast and blog

- I love these podcasts they are funny and it is fun to listen to a bunch of pregnant women talk about the issues of immediate concern to them.

Mothering Magazine
: This website has it all. I often check out the forums (which are very active) for good info and shared stories from moms who are into natural childbirth and other crunchy things like cloth diapering and whatnot.

Green Mountain Diapers: The ultimate resource for cloth diapering

Babble: An online magazine for parents by the editors of nerve.com

Labour of Love: Another interesting online parenting magazine

Families for Natural Living Philadelphia: A great online community of local folks and families interested in environmental issues and who support attachment parenting principles.

Baby Body Birth: The awesome birth class we took.