Sep 21, 2005

Living Room Furniture

So if I were to sum up our overall taste, I'd say it is based on a bunch of hand-me-down danish mid-century modern furniture that my parents gave me. I have always loved this teak modern furniture, and especially its low profile. Two years ago, we added to our "grown up" furniture the Modernica Case Study DayBed. I love the daybed - its very practical and streamlined, and it was great for our very small living room at our house in Charlottesville, although I now question as to why we chose an off-white fabric for it, because that's obviously totally impractical. Last year we added a danish, teak modern buffet to our growing bunch of "grown up" furniture, - I found that at a junk shop in Charlottesville and we both love it. This year, now that our living room feels cavernous, we decided that it was time for some chairs to go with the daybed...and so here they are...we bought these vintage chairs and one other similar one on Ebay a few weeks ago. So for now, this crazy set of chairs will be sitting in the living room. But we plan to recover them in a dark grey or chocolate wool as soon as we can afford it! Posted by Picasa

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