Aug 9, 2005

Work work work

After a weekend of guests, family events and all kinds of distractions we've gotten back to work.
We've primed the Living room walls (almost entirely) and everything is half painted right now. Last night, we put up our new foyer light and dining room lights from Ikea. We made yet another trip to lowe's. We painted and cleaned some more. And last night for the first night in two weeks, we slept on a bed! What a delight to get a full night's sleep.

Today, we have a lot of the big work still ahead of us that we’d like to get done before Thursday morning, when our movers come to bring all of the rest of our furniture and stuff.

  • Finish painting the living room (its primed, but now the pain needs to go on, 2 coats)
  • Finish touching up the orange in the dining room (Needs another two coats at least but I like how it looks)
  • Paint the dining room walls and windowsills
  • Touch up the foyer paint and trim
  • Touch up kitchen paint at top
  • Take up the carpets on the third floor and on the staircase and bind and put out for tomorrow’s garbage
  • Scrape rest of black tar stuff off the living room floor, pull more staples
  • Clean living room floor up with some Murphy’s Oil
  • Take up all the kraft paper, clean floors up in the first floor
  • Peel paper in our bedroom (Might not happen today)

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